Hives again

Yes, I broke out all over my stomac, back and chest after lunch today. i ended up taking a xantac( they contain an antihistamine) and came home around 1:30. I've tried to rest the puppy won't let me. I have been lounging on the couch! So I'll spend no money today and continue to scratch these darn hives. I know their food related, so I'll have to be really careful of what i eat and keep a food journal again.

No passports yet, I'm hoping they'll come soon! I also got my car insurance bill for the next year. I'll pay 50.30/month. (18 for the service charge is included in that total).

I'm off to find some medication for these hives...


Canadian Saver said…
Not good!!! Do you have any idea what it could be that triggers the outbreaks?

Where are you going on vacation? Or are you just getting the passports in anticipation of the new legislation in June?
They're food related, so I'm going to have to be disciplined and watching what I eat a little more carefully. The passports well, I'm not going anywhere but my DD is going to Europe in the summer, and it made sense to get both done @ once.

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