Lat night my wallet was on my dresser ( as always b/c I hate carrying a purse). While I was sleeping but the girls were doing home work, he snagged it and ate my visa and costco cards!!! I;m more pissed about the costco than the visa... I've just discovered him eating my calculator... I'll blame it on the fact that he was in the kennel for most of yesterday as I worked both places and DD had a coffee house to attend last night and my parents were some where too! ( They'll normally babysit the dog when we both have things happening @ the same time)


Canadian Saver said…
Wow, I thought my lab was bad when he was a puppy... he once ate through some leather chaps my dad used to shoe the horses with...

Does he have a lot of chew toys? It could be cuz he's craving attention too... He'll certainly grow fast enough and hopefully his teeth will too... My lab did stuff like that til he was 2 years old.
Money Minder said…
We have a small dog now, but our previous dog was a lab/Shepherd cross. She ate several pairs of running shoes, many bras, a sectional sofa, and learned to open cupboards and sliding closet doors to get to the stuff we hid from her.

I feel for what you're going through.
Puppy has lots of chew toys, he was upset b/c of being in his kennel too long... I'll not make that mistake again if I can avoid it. He'll be plenty spoiled tonight with my parents. I'll be getting a couple of more chew toys for him for Christmas!

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