Friday's aniticpated spending

Today there's a pot luck @ work, I'm bringing a homemade blue berry pie and artichoke dip with French bread. Tonight I have a hair appointment and plans to join some co-workers at a local pub after. I have a maximum of 80.00 to spend today.

I'd like to find something for my mom today, there was a 10.00 free coupon for Marks in the flyers, I think I'll use that. Plus Superstore has a coupon buy 1 movie for 9.98 get the second free. Can you tell I'm feeling a little guilty about Christmas for DD. :) I'm never sure if her Dad will send her stuff, as he famous for saying he did but it never arrives... I've dealt with the tears more than once over the years.

ON Sunday we may meet my brother half way and exchange our presents. I'd to sit and chat with him for a few minutes if possible. ( I'm not sure if I'll even see him over the holidays b/c of our work schedules).

Oh yeah, the puppy snuck into DD's room this morning and chewed the suede off the heel of her new nine west shoes. So there will be a bill some where to have them repaired... I'm thinking I'm goning to have to pay for her leaving the shoes in the middle of her floor, when she knows that if he gets a chance he'll bolt with them. MAy be I won't get them fixed but keep them as a reminder to PUT HER STUFF AWAY.


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