Found my bank card

I found my bank card and deposited my cheque in the bank. I paid the hydro bill and transferred 40.00 to my LOC. I bought groceries 52.68 and rented movies (4 movies/4 nights/4.00). I also got bananas, a scratch ticket and a coffee @ the Irving ( they have the cheapest bananas, and their 12 oz coffees are on for a buck).I returned my recyclables too! The bins were really full.

We also went to visit my god daughter and brought her Christmas gift. I also took an apple pie for my friends to cook over the holidays. They also had a small gift for DD. I dropped off my brothers gifts @ my parents home and if they didn't meet 1/2 way tonight, my mom's going to put them n the bus. Tomorrow is a no spend day and On tuesday I'll be taking my Dad shopping for my mom. I'll pay my Visa and oil bill too. I'll pick up a few things for Christmas eve and not spend money on the 24, and 26th. I plan on going to the movies Christmas night.


Canadian Saver said…
Is that a tradition, going to the movies on Christmas day? I know a lot of people go too... I just never thought of going then.

Glad you found your card!!
We started going to the movies Christmas night the year my mothers mother died. She was my last grand parent and we decided to do something different as we'd go to her home that evening for a visit. My entire family usually goes even my father who's deaf and refuses to get a hearing aid... :) There is also something to be said for a big tub of popcorn after a big dinner.

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