Figuring out who gets what!

Today is pay day, 2 days earlier than normal because of Christmas. I need to get groceries ( about 50 to finish up for the next week and for the party tomorrow night). I'll buy some beer ( 2 cases I think), one of my relatives brings homemade wine and others will bring beer too. I have hard stuff that's been in the fridge for a couple of years, and if some one wants it they can have it. I also have to take my father and brother in law shopping. My brother in law has a budget of 20.00 so we'll have to be creative!

DD needs to be @ choir for 11. I'll take her there and continue on dropping off gifts to a few friends too ! DD has an event planned for tonight, but my mother will be doing the delivery for that one as I'll be @ work. I'd like to make at least 40.00 tonight, maybe people will be a little more generous than normal. :)

I'm off to the grocery store and NBLC. Wish me luck.


Karissa Dee said…
Good luck!

Merry Christmas!
Thanks, and Have a very Merry Christmas with your little BEAN...

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