The end of the snow for today!

It stopped snowing here @ around lunch time but the winds dies down around supper time. The way the snow drifted I could move my car a couple of feet ahead earlier and shovel underneath it. The plow driver came @ around 6ish and plowed the end out enough so I could move the car so he could finish the rest of the driveway. The snow bank by my shed is to the sheds roof line :) I decided to go drop gifts off @ my sisters house. I has to literally crawl up and over to get into her house. The bank was about 5 feet high and just as wide. I felt like a little kid crawling over the bank with presents in tow.

I had a no spend day today! But tomorrow will be one. I have to pay my visa, the plowing bill
(3 X 33.90=101.70) and my oil bill. I work @ my PT job tomorrow night, then I'm officially off work for 3 days. I work @ my PT job again on Saturday night. :( I forgot to book it off and the manager had the schedule done mid November.) I'll end up with a good pay for the 5th of January from my PT job.


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