Dwelling on yesterday

Not one of mt better days. Was late for work , doors were frozen, DD wouldn't get out of bed, got 1 door unstuck, turned car on and forgot about it! Left car running for about 1/2 hour before I remembered. Roads were bad... Spoke to the head honcho, now have to brain storm for new ideas to develop my current job into ( future plans long term 2 + years down the road). Worked late, came home took dog out, listened to messages... DD wanted top go to mall, mother wanted to watch dog. Go to mother, she'd finishing up formal dress. 2 Hours later we leave with dog in tow b/c he is so rowdy he's driving mother crazy, dress still isn't finished. ( and I had planned on cleaning the house for Friday, not a hope in hell now) Drop dog and school bags at home, dogs in kennel, feed the cat. Go to mall ( which drives me crazy), DD and friend spend 1 hour picking out accessories for formal. Buy self a scarf and tape for wrapping gifts. go to Wal-Mart for dog food, buy a 40 lb bag hoping it'll last til after christmas. Find coupon for $5.oo off ( yeah) realise that money is home in jars, use CC. Find coupon for toblorone (1.00 of any bar, pay .10 for bar). It dawns on me, I haven't had supper, eat McDonalds. Come home, see 2 boxes of books... Walk dog again ( and its freezing out). Too tired and cranky to clean house, lay on couch, dog eats brand new box of kleenex while I'm dozing on couch. I get up and go to bed, thinking I hope tomorrow is better!

Total spent yesterday ( Monday):
dog food- 39.74
McD'd -3 something.

I work tonight @ my PT job, so I won't be home til after 9. I'm hoping that I have the energy to clean so we can get the tree tomorrow after work. I'm not spending any money today!

Thanks for letting me rant a bit... I feel better already.


Money Minder said…
What is it with dogs and kleenex? My dog does that too. She rifles through the bathroom garbages and chews the used ones (Yuck!) because she can't reach the boxes of it.

I hope your next day is better :)
Canadian Saver said…
So much for a good day today huh??

I laughed out loud at the car running outside for half an hour!! It's something I'd do too :-)
Yeah yesterday wasn't much better, @ least I got to stay home... Now to clean the drive way before work... It snowed now its raining, I hope there's no school... Work should be interesting, I can't hear out of my right ear...
Saver Queen said…
haha, we all have days like this! Forgetting about that car, oh man, totally something I would do! So strange about the kleenex. Butternut has taken to eating scraps of plastic she finds on the floor - I don't even know where she finds it but yesterday she puked twice! Josh stepped in it, haha (is it wrong of me to laugh?)
HA too funny Saver Queen, my DD doesn't notice stuff like that unless the dog or cat does it in her room. The puppy takes off with anything within his reach. This morning he took off with a bottle of advil that DD left on the end table. Luckily I heard the shake... PS No school here today, I have 2 happy teens...

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