Boxing Day

Today is going to be another relaxing day. We didn't end up going to the movies, the one we wanted to see wasn't here :( I put money in the collection on Christmas eve, so I spent 5.00... I didn't spend anything yesterday. I have no plans to spend today, my brother and sister in law along with their 4 boys are coming today! @ of my nephews are coming to spend the night tonight. They are pretty excited to be staying here and finally meeting the puppy.

Supper last night was really good, I went to have a nap afterward as I was the only one who didn't yesterday. :) My mother had made cranberry orange cheese cake for dessert and she had won a plum pudding some where, so I opted for that.

My big surprise yesterday was from my oldest sister. She was home twice this summer and had brought gifts with her and my DD wrapped them. It's a beautiful hematite and silver necklace. I was very pleased with it.

I'm going to work on next years budget today, look @ my numbers and see where i stand... 3 more years I figure before I'm consumer debt free!


Canadian Saver said…
That's a really nice gift from your sister!!

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