Being tempted!

While out shopping yesterday, I was so tempted to buy clothing for me. Everywhere there was huge sales. My sister & I looked in a few stores, I didn't buy myself anything, but she bought a white cami for herself.

My sister had 8 nieces and nephews to buy for yesterday. For our 4 nephews she bought PJ's and for 2 or her nieces she bought made made jewelry. the youngest one she bought PJ's and my DD, its a secret. Total spent less than 100.00! Her deal of the day: PJ's for the youngest nephew- a 3 piece batman set for 3.67!


Saver Queen said…
Way to go! It's tough to resist. It makes me realize that the best thing I can do for myself is just avoid the stores.
Money Minder said…
Good for you for resisting the urge. Your sister sounds like a shrewd shopper!
She is and she's on a tight budget too!
Canadian Saver said…
Those are great sale prices!!

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