Another snow day

I have 2 very disappointed teens right now! School has been canceled and tonight was their Christmas formal. It may still happen but I have my doubts ( based on what happen with the BHS accident last winter, I can't see them taking a chance). The plan is now it will be on Wednesday instead. SO that means trying to get a hair appointment for that day, and having the house ready by then. DD's date won't be able to come as he lives about 45 minutes away :(. DD is keeping her hair appointment for today, she'll just get it cut instead which means I'm no further ahead money wise. I was going to go to work today, but I'm rethinking that. The roads aren't plowed, I have the guys coming to clean the couch @ 8:30 and she has an appointment @ 2:00. But I may go for 3 or 4 hours and take that time off next week... Or I could stay here and get all my stuff done... Like the dishes, the tree, the floors and dreaded laundry. Today's spenging will be 113.00 for the cleaning of the furniture, and 45.00 for hair. Tomorrow my sister and I are going out to finish up our shopping. We'll be going to the market, our local book store and the mall. I need to get PJ's for 2 of my nephews, PJ's for DD and myself ( they're buy 1 get the second 1/2 price @ lasenza so including my discount I'll pay 30.90 for 2 pairs). I'll get my god daughter a couple of books and pick up 2 small gifts for my DD's friends.


Canadian Saver said…
Schools were canceled here too but the roads were not bad at all. It was very foggy all morning/afternoon though... weird weather.

Too bad about the formal :-(
The roads were really bad full of slush and water. Today everything was frozen and rocky to drive on... They'll have the formal on Wednesday night. I'll have to leave work early as the girls are getting ready @ my house and doing photos there.

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