Working two jobs

Last night was my first official night back @ my old PT job. I worked until a little a little after 9, so I'll get paid for 4 hours. I ended up buying food again, spent 10.11 on take out, plus another 1.00 @ work on home made fudge. The fudge money is going towards sponsor a family for Christmas. So I spent 11.11 yesterday! I need to go and finish laundry and pack my bags. I'll see you all on Friday!


Canadian Saver said…
I hope you can find a good balance and the extra work doesn't tire you out... Working 3 jobs really drained me this summer.

How was the conference?
Thanks CS. I've done it before and it went well for a while but I made some mistakes and suffered the consequences! This time, I've ensured that I get 1 day off a week plus most of Saturday! My boss from the PT job has already told me that when I need time off no problem! I've figured every couple of months I'll take a break. I need the extra money to pay down debt and for essentials. I have a question for you, where did you find your side bars? i 'd like to use something to keep track of my debts that everyone in the world could see and to keep me in check! Any hints?

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