What I spent today

My pay was deposited this morning, and here's what went out:
Student loan -250.00
mortgage -250.00
LOC -79.00
Phone bill -100.00
savings -25.00
brownie -1.00 ( i had cash for this)

Yikes! No not actually this month is 3 pays + my 2 pays from my PT job, plus CTC and a check from blue cross and my expenses from the conference. Here's to watching my debt going down and my savings going up!


Canadian Saver said…
Your part time job is really going to give you a boost!

I love 3 paycheck months too :-)
Anonymous said…
Well debt going down and savings up is always a good thing :)
Thanks ladies! I needed a bit of a boost! Tomorrow I'll finally be under 10,000 for my student loan! The clock is ticking fast on that at long last!

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