Sunday Spending = zero dollars

I discovered this morning when I went to brush my teeth that the puppy discovered my toothbrush and had a good chew! I didn't have a spare toothbrush, so resorted to toothpaste and paper towel. I was going to go and buy a new one, but remember that I had one @ my parents home, so decided to hold off on going shopping until tomorrow night. My DD needs to buy tights for her Halloween costume ( she's going as Malice in Wonderland) , and is looking for a couple of long sleeved tee's and turtle necks. I'll pick up some bananas, clementines, and apples. AS far as my to-do list, laundry is about the only thing I can officially cross off. I went for a long walk this afternoon with the puppy, my mother, sister, nephew and little cousin. All and all a great day!


Canadian Saver said…
Yikes, so the puppy is into chewing! That's normal, but unfortunate :-( My Lab chewed stuff til he was 2 years old, then it suddenly got much, much better.

Only 22 months or so to go for you :-)

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