Sunday Spending- buying Halloween treats

I waited until today to buy Halloween treats because I usually eat them before hand if I get them too early. I went through the flyers and noticed that Shoppers was having 20 X the points this weekend. I saw what they had on and decided why not? I bought TP 4@ 3.99, tissues 4@.49, Doritos 2/5.00, halloween chips 2 @ 4.49, mini bars, 9.99 & 4.99, yougurt 2 @ 1.99, milk 2 l @ 3.50 and canned tomatoes 2 @ .99 for a grand total of 69.20. Plus I got a coupon for 10.00 off the next purchase and 6440 points! I'm going to mark in my day planner when the next bous should be, I should do OK! I went to the grocery storeand spent 44.76. We ended up buying cold chicken as we were very hungry ( we ate lunch before we left) so I spent more than I expected! 113.96 to be exact! I have no plans to spend until Thursday ( bills, etc).
I have all the Halloween bags done up and ready to go. The left over chocolate is there to snack on and here's to a good week!


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