Its early Sunday morning and i can proudly say Saturday was a no spend day. I puttered around the house, had a nap, went for a 2 hour walk, with 1 puppy , a 3 & 4 year old( more stopping than walking but it was fun). I cleaned the bathroom, and living room. Today I would like to finish the kitchen floor, and do some de-cluttering in my china cabinet. I will have to buy a few groceries today. I made 75.00 cash last night, so this makes grocery shopping easier. My average has been around 100/week for tips and this will pay for gas and groceries each week. I'll try to pick up some OT @ my full time job if possible. 1 x 5 hour shift in November to help pay for Christmas. I'm 9/14 for no spend days this month. I won't meet my goal but I should come close!


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