Reviewing Sept. goa;s.

I just checked my goals for September and I'm proud of how I did.
1.) Found PT job!
2.) Had house adn lot surveryed.
3.) 8 no spend days not the 15 I'd hoped for but I'm keeping better track!
4.) Spare room is done- grand total 750.00 way over budget!
5.)no budget set in stone! That is today's task!

I bought take out last night for my DD, 6.60! I started my PT job last night. I'll be working Tuesdays from 5-9 or 10, and Saturday nights from 5 -1. I'll make 92.00/week in wages + tips, which I'm hoping for a minimum of 50/week (i'll most likely make more, but won't bank on it). It's a major commitment but I need to get out of debt, and working 2 jobs is the only way! I've done it before and worked way too much last time (lesson learned the hard way). The manager and I talked and when I need time off, I can have it! Most likely I'll take time off every 10 weeks or so.
I took today adn tomorrw as vaction to get my house winterized and get things done around! Plus the pets are going to the vet today, adn I nee to call the DR.


Canadian Saver said…
You did really well in September, congratulations :-)
Thanks!This month should be better than last month!

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