Refecting on saturday

Yesterday I did not get everything done that I wanted to get done. I did knock a few things off the list and did manage to go the farmers market and bought pork chops 2/3.00, ground beef 3.50 (its super lean), potatoes 3.00 for a good sized bag of small ones! The best part was the lady who was selling curries. My mother and i split the cost of chick pea curry (4.00) and a rice dish (6.00). We split the 2 containers for lunch and it rocked! Plus I bought a huge slice of butterscotch pie for 2.00. I worked from 5 to 1:30 last night and the bonus was I ate for free! (one of the perks for getting my old job back! I made minimum wage + 75.00 in tips. (Plus I tipped out the kitchen 22.00). It worked out to 19.70/hour. Today is going to be finishing the laundry, ironing, hemming pants, the weeks menu plan and working on de-cluttering. Plus my parents invited us for supper, baked ham, mashed potatoes and veggies! I'll bring the dessert. I have no plans to spend today or tomorrow, but will have to pick up a few things on Tuesday after work.


Canadian Saver said…
Your farmers' market sounds cool! Always great food to bring back (veggies) and the prepared stuff is great too, isn't it?

You had a great night $$ wise!!! Way to go :-)

Good luck getting your stuff done today, I know how it is to have a long list!
CS, The market here is very small, but they are getting new people in with great food! Its nothing like the Boyce farmers market in Fredericton, or the ones in Moncton ( never been to the ones there yet). I love the coffee @ the market in Fton, plus the samosas, donairs, the cheese cake lady, and the butchers. The Gouda cheese lady is awesome too!

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