Propane fireplaces and Halloween

Yesterday I spent no cash, but I paid bills on line. I paid my propane bill 105.00, that's for the service plan I have for my propane fireplace. They come every fall and clean the fireplace, check the tank and make sure there are no leaks. He also starts it for me. Once it's on for the winter, I leave the pilot light on until I turn it off in the spring. I just averages it out and its on for about 190 days a year. Last year it was very cold here and I spent a grand total of 370.00 in total on the fireplace. That's is a fill up, maintenance and tank rental. Not a bad price for a source of secondary heat.
Tonight is Halloween and I've been invited to a ton of parties. I'll stay at home to give out treats and then go out. I won't drink tonight as I'll have DD's friends staying here all night. Even though they're in HS, they plan on going out tonight and getting treats, then coming back here, watching movies or playing sing star and eating junk. They're also planning on going to a midnight movie. I have no idea of what I'll dress up in but something will come to me I'm sure!


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