Not a dime and its was Saturday, but I was too busy cleaning up worms to spend!

I can't believe it, its Saturday and I did not spend a dime of my own money! I was given a gift card to Tim's a few weeks ago, and used it for a coffee and sausage biscuit this morning, and spent nothing else all day! We ate left over shepherds pie for lunch and I made a huge pot of beef barley soup for supper! My DD made asiago and artichoke dip she found the recipe on a web site and it was amazing! My sister come over for supper and brought homemade cookies for dessert! I did spend 2.00 yesterday for a high school fund raiser, 49.04 on groceries, plus got my GST check for 49.52. I put 25.00 into my savings account and another 50.00 on my LOC.

Tomorrow I need to buy bleach and laundry soap as my puppy was give de-worming medicine on Wednesday and it really kicked in this afternoon! Not a pretty sight and my house is going to be scoured tomorrow morning! I have the basement blocked off for the night, and will put the puppy in his kennel for the night to help keep things contained!
My other plans for tomorrow is to either go picking apples or pumpkins, and laundry!


Canadian Saver said…
Yikes! I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight! When my Lab was a puppy, he slept in the barn so that was very easy to clean up...

Good job with the no-spend day! Don't you just LOVE gift cards?!
Here's hoping today will be better with him, but no luck so far! Gift cards are the best...

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