more about lot survey

I finally bit the bullet and had my house and lot surveyed this week. I didn't have to have it done when I bought the house, but need to have it completed when I remortgage next year. The surveyor came to the house today, ( I was home today TG) and he told me that the when the house was sold the first time back in 2002, a piece of land 15 feet by 80 feet was not included because it was added after the original property was deeded. So now I have to track down the original owners heirs and have him sign over the deed to the bit of property, with the help of a very friendly lawyer or wait for it to up for non-payment of taxes and buy it! My adventures in property ownership have been one adventure after another! Sigh, another bill to pay, I'll have t work some OT to pay for the lawyer fees!
I did decided on 14 no spend days this month and have written them down in my agenda! I'm going to a conference next week and will spend money there but will be reimbursed afterwards. I'm planning on buying Ken Follets Middle Earth next Wednesday so I'll have something to read while I'm away!
I'm going to start thinking about goals for next year soon! The no buying of books is looking better and better all the time, but I'm wondering, If I cash in points or get gift cards will that count?
I'm off to bed, morning comes early!


Canadian Saver said…
It sounds complicated! Good luck getting it all sorted out...
Its not going to be too hard. It just means tracking him down, (I know his sister in Law), it just means legal fees hopefully! I think I'll blog some day on what NOT to do when buying a house!

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