money in money out

Where does where the money go? Today I got the bill for the property survey 1,130.00. I'll use my credit line one last time and pay this bill. I had to take DD out to finish getting the last bit of stuff for her Halloween costume. She spent her ow money. I did have to buy cat food, puppy food, kitty litter, dog treats, and groceries for the humans. I spent 9.50 on the humans King Cole tea was on sale 2/4.00 so I bought a box of green tea with lemon and honey, and decaf, bananas 1.79, apples, 2.77. 14 can of cat food@.54, puppy food 19.99 -5.00 coupon, kitty litter 5.99, puppy treats 4.99. I spent 47.05 in total. I got my water bill, 141.00 for 3 months, my bill from Irving for my fireplace 112.00. I'm hoping that I don't spend anything tomorrow.


Canadian Saver said…
Wow, that sure cost a lot ! Was it just the surveying? I never knew it could be so much...
The property had never been officially surveyed! So that meant a lot of prep and staking, hence finding out that there was a small piece that is still registered to the original owners son!( that will be a post some day when the dust settles) However in the 90's someone in the neighborhood had theirs done and the company took the time to do rough estimates of other peoples property in the neighborhood! It could have cost a couple of thousand more if the prep was not done! i was quoted a higher price, so I'm very happy. I will have to pay legal fees to get te rest of my property, I'm hoping she'll give me a deal!

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