Lazy Sunday

Today was a good day! I did spend 7.09 @ the grocery store for bleach, laundry soap, cream of mushroom soup and a can of frozen oj. I spent 29.20 this morning on tobacco, a scratch ticket and 2 stamps. The best part of the day was going to a local pumpkin patch with 2 of my nephews and my 10 month old 1st cousin. They were so cute running around trying to jump over the pumpkins and playing with the baby. I spent 7.00 there on 4 little pumpkins @ 1.00 each, 1.00 /red onion, 2.00 for ornamental gourds. The big pumpkins were 2.50 each and my parents paid for them ( I got 3). The extra bonus was free Tim's from a relative! Supper was homemade pizza with sausage and red onion! I must run and do another load of laundry!


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