Home made fudge

I had every intention of not spending anything on Monday, however, there was home made fudge for sale, 2.00 for 4 pieces. I also ended up buying a diet pepsi from the machine and spent 4.00 in total! I shared the fudge with people in my office, so I ended up only eating 2 pieces, and it was so good! I came home from work late (5:10 is when I left I'm usually finished @ 4:30, walked the dog, did dishes, cooked supper, did a couple of loads of laundry and fell asleep on the couch. Today is a busy day, I work until 4:30, then go straight to my PT job and work until 9:00. I usually come home and do a few things and am in bed by 11:00. I'll make it a priority not to spend today or tomorrow.


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