Getting ready to quit

The hardest thing I'll do this year is quit smoking! I've finally got my started kit, (62.73) not covered by blue cross. I'll start it on Saturday and the day planned for the last smoke is the 4th. I also spent 39.60 @ the convenience store last night. I bought a small bag of chips, a can of diet pepsi, a 3.00 scratch ticket and 4 packs of cigarettes. I have to go back to the ban today and take out money for my DD to go away with, plus I have to pay the visa and my survey bill. Tomorrow I should make money at my PT job and I'll have to put gas in the car sometime too!


Canadian Saver said…
Oh man I wish you a lot of luck!! Think of how proud you are going to be of yourself when you do quit!! And I'm sure your DD will really be happy too.

Keep us posted!
Thanks CS I'll be a happy woman once I get this demon beat!

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