Friday's spending and plans for the weekend!

Yesterday I spent 49.00 on gas, that's the cheapest I've paid in a long time! I gave my DD 90.00 to go away with (25.00 for hotel costs) enough for supper, lunch and possible supper again tonight, it will depend on the outcome of their first game! My parents had picked up my Brothers youngest for the weekend and my sisters little guy was going to sleepover at my parents too. So without children my sister and I went out for supper.
The first place we went was going to be about an hours wait. So we decided to drive and discuss our options. WE decided to check out a place that been open for a little under a year. It was a very good choice. She had pecan crusted chicken, a glass of wine and cheese cake for dessert. Total with tax =26.75 . She said it was amazing, but I'm allergic to pecans so I just drooled. It came with rice and steamed carrots and cauliflower. I have a vegetable lasagna crepe with greek salad and a glass of wine = total 17.97 plus I left a 5.00 tip =22.97. The lasagna was layers of crepes instead of pasta, with ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms and eggplant layers. It reminded me somewhat of vegetarian moussaka minus the bechemel sauce. I really enjoyed it. The bistro was very cozy and relaxed. My sister and I've decided that its definitely worth another trip. She take her hubby next time!
I was home before 9, so I took the puppy for a walk and was in bed before 10:00. I've been up since 5:15 and have the bathroom cleaned already, the floor in the spare room washed, and my bed made.
I need to decide meals for next week, complete my to do list and clean the house. I also want to do some things outside, go for a walk and have a nap before I go to my PT job tonight. Wish me luck!


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