Early mornings

I did not sleep well last night. Between the dog and my DD it was a constant interruption. The puppy did not go for a long walk yesterday and it showed.My DD was just plain cranky and always a pessimist, where I'm an eternal optimist! I still haven't figured out after 16 years where she gets it from! Yesterday I spent 42.65 @ the grocery store. I needed to purchase supplies to make cheesecake brownies 1 pan is for a fundraiser at work, the other is for my DD to take to a pot luck on Friday night.Supplies for the brownies included 2 cream cheese, 1 lg tub sour cream, package of unsweetened chocolate I also bought milk, tin foil, burner savers, baggies, pork chops, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and frozen strawberries. I also had some scratch tickets and checked them. I won 12.00 and bought stamps and another 3.00 ticket! I'm not spending any money on Friday, so I'll pay my bills today and maybe buy a brownie @ work.


Canadian Saver said…
Those brownies sound out-of-this world!! yumyum.
Hey CS, ask @ your local library for the cook book called"the girl can't cook" they bring it in as soon as I return it. (its due back on Nov 1st) They rock!
Canadian Saver said…
So the recipe is in there? I'll have to check it out :-)

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