being away

I must admit that it was nice to get away for a few days, but even nicer to come home! There was a spa where the conference was and I ended up getting a 1/2 hour massage plus my eye brows and upper lip waxed. The young women who worked there were very good and friendly. I'll get 80% of my massage back to boot! I spent 17.29 on a bottle of wine, 25.00 @ the grocery store and 15.00 eating out. Where we stayed had full kitchens in each cabin, so we could cook there and save money! I enjoyed the conference and although I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing my current job, I've gained skills that I can use any where!
My DD made out OK with the dog. I'm working on taking the alpha out of the dog this week-end, so no OT for me right now. (if they call tomorrow morning I could go in for 5 or 6 hours).
My goal is to have a no spend day today, tomorrow and Monday. ( that is if my gas light does not come on).
My to do list includes: vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, dusting the living room, mowing the lawn 1 last time, winterizing the lawn mower, cleaning out the shed, pulling all the plants and cleaning outside, taking the dog for 2 long walks every day, planning my meals and hanging out my family and friends.
Supper tonight we're going to my cousins for supper, tomorrow Turkey @ parents, Monday will be leftover from parents ( hot sammies with fries and gravy), Tuesday home soup that's in the freezer, Wednesday chicken with pasta, Thursday soup and grilled cheese, Friday pizza homemade with salad.


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