Being able to count my blessings

I read quite a few blogs over the past few days that made me stop and be happy for what I do have. I'm lucky to have a great family, a wonderful DD who is a great teenager, a new puppy and a cranky cat ( but he's still cute), a roof over my head, a car that runs, money to pay the bills, my health and sanity.
I spent nothing on Saturday, Sunday i spent 24.99 @ the grocery store on bananas, eggs, personal hygiene products, 6 cans of cat food, and Harrowsmith Country Life. I then spent 53.46 on gas and a 3.00 scratch ticket. We had supper @ my parents place last night and it was yummy! Turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, potatoes, carrots, peas, tea biscuits, gravy, cranberries, beets, bread and butter pickles. For dessert there was raisin, apple and pumpkin pie! The middle aged crowd ( that's me technically) did the dishes as payment for free food!
Today I work up energized and decluttered, took the recyclables back, did dishes, cooked supper left over ham, scalloped potatoes and corn. My DD baked cookies while I took the puppy for a walk this afternoon. We walked for an hour and a half, and he's played out tonight. ( I made sure that I brought a dish and water for him to drink out of). I hung up paintings tonight that have been on the floor since the July long week-end! I even ironed clothes for work! I've got stuff to shred and filing to do but I'll work on that this week! I did not spend any money again today!
Tomorrow I'll work @ the second job and I need to book some appointments!


Canadian Saver said…
That sounds like an awesome feast! We still haven't had our Thanksgiving turkey meal!!!

You do have a lot of things to be thankful for too :-)

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