another no spend day for me!

That right another no spend day for me! That make 7 so far this month! I find I getting much better at planning my spending and becoming more aware of where I'm spending. Another bonus, I'm not snacking @ night very often , if at all. I haven't bought chips in over 2 weeks. i also stopped buying a case of diet Pepsi when I buy my groceries. I'm making baby steps but its working! I worked my Pt job tonight, and brought home 30.00! Not as much as last week, but it was not busy so I'm happy! An added bonus was i did not spend any money there, because I made my supper @ ate at work before I left! I'm planning on having @ least another 3 no spend days this month! I won't make my goal of 14, but 10 is darn good!


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