working overtime

Yes, I worked over time for the first time in about 6 months tonight. I was a bit keen to do it as I thought that I'd get work done, but the gods were against me! but the up side is i should see @ least an extra 100.00 on my pay. I did buy a new bed today for my DD, it was on sale and taxes in it was 675.00 more than I planned but she should sleep better and I'll get the spare room done in the morning! I definitely won't be getting a ton of groceries this week, just milk, potatoes and fruit until Thursday. I've decided that when I start my PT job, I'll save my pays use the tips for gas and groceries. I've meet one of my goals for this month which was find a PT job and will call the survey company Monday to see when they are coming! Looking forward to getting my home back together and waiting to see the damages from the Hurricane on Monday morning.


Canadian Saver said…
Let's hope the hurricane isn't too bad for us... So far, Sunday morning, 11 am, it's not raining yet!!

Way to go on getting the OT!
It hasn't started yet her either and its now after 2, I hope we don't get it.

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