Thursday's are spend money days!

I get paid every second Thursday, (yeah!) ans my money was in my account this am when I got up. I took $200.00 out of the bank this afternoon and spent this much so far:

Teenager $80.00 - out of that she paid $40.00 haircut, $20.00 for allowance and $20.00 to give to a peer for gas if needed next week.(if she does not need it for gas, she'll us it for a school trip she is taking next week-end)

Groceries- 64.25 - out of that money I spent 19.87+tax=22.45 on laundry soap, rotisserie chicken and a can of pringles. I also bought fruit =8.20, broth 4@1.50=6.00, 9.56 on frozen goods, dairy 10.78, 8.33 on other stuff.

Tobacco 26.00 + 3.00 scratch ticket. (no I haven't quit yet, but have picked a quit-date for after Canadian Thanksgiving) I have a really bad habit( no pun intended) of buying a scratch ticket when ever I buy tobacco, so I decided to buy 3 packs @ a time so I won't buy as many scratch tickets. I did "win" my $3.00 back . My gas tank is almost full, and I'll only be going back and forth to work and back hopefully for the next 2 weeks so I shouldn't need gas.

I priced a brand new box spring and mattress including the rails for $410.00 that's more than I wanted to spend but everything else I'm getting for nothing, dresser, bedding, table. Oh I forgot I'll have to buy pillows. I won't be buying the most expensive!


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