Thank god for fathers!

I did manage not to spend any money today, but ended up having to leave work twice for personal reasons. I ended up working until 5:10 and landed @ my mothers for supper, as DD is away and I really didn't feel like cooking supper for myself. While I was there my father decided that it would be a good idea to put the new thermostat in tonight.So it's in and programmed. I may have to adjust it once it gets colder, but we'll see.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, the oil truck was parked outside my driveway. I was thinking WT?, because I did not sign up for automatic delivery this winter. I do have to confess that I refused to rejoin the 10 month payments for oil this winter because the gave me a quote of 373/m for 10 months. That was based on the prediction of 1.50/l + tax in the summer. On a happy note, they only charged me 106.9+tax/litre. So for 462.8litres it is 559.04 including the tax! Last winter i paid 220/month and ended up owing them another 650.

One of my major goals for next year is to borrow the money when I remortage to have the basement finished (10,000) + a new heating system(including electrical upgrades 10,000) and have the insulation removed from my attic (5,000).


Canadian Saver said…
That is quite a savings! Congrats on the no spend!

That was very nice of your dad to put the thermostat in :-)
My father is a retired electrician and likes to tinker around the house. We all find little jobs to keep him busy!

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