stop this hamster wheel !

That phrase sums up my week. It was busy at work, and I don't feel like I accomplished too much, my desk is a wreck, but I decided that enough was enough, and I'm going home. I must say that I've noticed at my work place its always the women who tend to stay later to get everything done. I know I stay later than normal on occasion because I know that I won't be able to sleep unless I've finished everything I possible could. ( and I've woken up in the middle of the night thinking SHIT, I've forgotten about x, y & z.) Why is it that we as women are like this? I most likely will pop into work for about an hour or so this week-end to clean up my desk and dump my e-mails. I feel much better for writing this.... Sorry for the rant.

I'm going to end up spending more on the bed than I planned, but I'm a wee bit afraid of bed bugs (anyone out there read a book with a character named BOOKIE as a kid? They took place during the depression and the main character wet for a sleep over where the home was infested with bed bugs never forgot the descriptions)and decided that brand new is my friend. I also need to start winterizing the house....


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