Rainy days

Its raining tonight and surprisingly I feel energetic!? Part of the reason I feel very upbeat is that I finally have my own office after almost 4 months of hopping from office to office or computer to computer. I felt much more grounded at work today, and can spread my work out and not have to pack it all up at the end of the day. ( It was an empty one without a computer so no one lost their space).
I went grocery shopping tonight and spent 32.30 on groceries., I did buy a magazine and that is somethig that I need to work on.
I ended up going shopping in Moncton on Saturday and Spent about 270.00. That's including gas 65.00, Costco 115.00 ( books, paper towel, hummus, stove top stuffing ( total impluse buy) strawberries,a jar of anti pasto) Chapters 28.00 (2 books for my teenager), Fabricville 70.00 (material and notions for 2 halloween costumes), and home sense 14.50 . Later on that night I went to a friends wedding and spent a whopping 30.00 on mixed drinks (9.00 for a double, I almost died but as a friend said to me "the 90's are long over". We figured it out and the last time I bought a double in a bar was in 1997 (my ten year reunion from high school). I then spend 5.00 eating a burger and fries @2:00 am, and cab fare another 5.00.
Sunday was a very lazy day ( spent cooking and helping others out with home projects.
Monday was a better day at work than last week, TG. I did manage to cook supper, BBQ style ribs with new potatoes.

My goal this week is not to spend for 2 days (Thursday and Friday). I'll let you all know how I make out. Saturday I'll go to the market and job hunt.


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