Oops Saturdays Spending

On Saturday I ended up getting a lot of little things finished that I did not expect to knock off my to-do list and it felt great! I baby sat for both my sister and a friend in the am. The kids love my pantry (?) and like to play inside it as it has stairs that lead to no where. It was a disaster zone filled with recyclables , so I started straitening up, finished in 15 minutes and they played inside off and on until they went home. LOL. My friends gave me a gift card to Tim's for 25.00 as a thank you which was very much appreciated. I spent 60.33 @ the grocery store, 9.25 @ the market, 45.35 hair cut, 7.90 @ Kent's and the best deal of all.... .28 cents @ CT for a programmable thermostat and an inside handle for the back door. The total @ the cash was 34.98. I scratched my coupon and recevied $5.00 of my purchase, thus being reducing the cost to 29.98. I whipped out my CT money and started counting. I used 29.70 in CT money and used pocket change for the rest. Best of all, I still have 9.00 left in CT money.


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