No Spend Wednesday

Yesterday was an unintentional no spend day. I was going to go back to the grocery store as I bought the wrong kind of Feta (oregano flavored) and was going to pick up plain Feta. I looked in the fridge and decided not to as there was enough leftovers to eat for supper. I usually don't spend money at work, but once about every two weeks I'll get a coffee or diet pepsi. I did call to have my lot surveyed this week and I'm hoping that it'll be done very soon. I may remortage in the next month or two depending on what happens. If not, I've decided to buy my oil as needed and save the money in a separate account. Wish me luck. I'm hoping that the price will remain somewhat low, so I can put some extra money away. Saturday will definately be a spend day as I'm getting my hair cut (45.00), I'll pick up a few groceries and my teen is playing her first set of games away and they'll most likely go out to eat at some point. I do pack a healthy lunch for her too.


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