menu plan for Sept 1 -7

Monday - pork chops with potatoes and carrots
Tuesday - quiche with salad
Wednesday - homemade shake& bake chicken with potatoes & peas
Thursday - homemade mac&cheese with grilled veggies
Friday- chicken soup with biscuits
Saturday - hamburgers with salad

Wednesday - taco salad
Thursday - mini cheese pizza
Tuna salad pinwheels & Ginger soya & honey noodles

I need to buy:
romaine lettuce
pie crust
ranch dressing
mozzarella cheese
sesame oil
red pepper
portabella mushrooms
green onions
corn on the cob
OJ (frozen)
canola oil
bean sprouts
chicken (its on sale this week)
grapes (.99/lb this week)
pink lady apples(I buy the mini-chefs from PC)

I have about $70.00 to spend this week, I'll let you know tomorrow how much I spend.


Canadian Saver said…
Were you looking for the boneless chicken at Superstore? I sent my sister to get some but they were sold out... People are probably stocking up since it's not on the recall list (yet!)
Yes I was at the super store and they had none. the reason they gave me was b/c of the holiday, and they were shorted by the company in Ontario. They'll give you a rain check for 2 packages if you ask at customer service.

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