I've spent way too much in 24 hours!

Here's what i spent in a 24 hour period on Friday and Saturday.
1.) 675.00 new bed
2.)250.00 @ wal-mart on bedding for spare room, dog stuff and Xmas gifts
3.) 30.00 @ the bulk barn on baking supplies, pantry items and dog treats
4.) 52.00 on gas
5.)32.00 on groceries.

Yes I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH writing this out, but it will hold me accountable! I'm starting my PT job after CDN thanksgiving so I'm happy about that. And my puppy is coming today!


Canadian Saver said…
Wow, you are getting the puppy today? Sounds exciting!! Will definitely keep you busy!!!

Are we going to see pics?
As soon as I find the camera, I'll post pictures. He is really cute, he looks like a golden lab!

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