Awake @3:00 am is not a great feeling. I woke up to go to the bathroom @ 3;00 and could not fall back to sleep.... I realize that its most likely due to the fact that I'm worried about money so whats a girl to do? 1.) find a second job. So this means dusting off my resume and looking for a part time job working 1 night a week and every Saturday. I want to be working by the end of September and start banking that money. 2.) work on the budget and stick to it. It always seems that I forget about something and I end up scrambling.... The good news is I had 2 no spend days so far this week. Wednesday and Thursday. Today is jeans day @ work, so I'll pay 2 dollars to our wellness fund and 5.00 for water for the month (this may seem crazy but the water is brownish colored @ work and tastes really bad so 5.00 a month is an investment in my books.) Tomorrow will be a bit of an expense, hair cut 45.00, a few groceries(30.00) and money for my teen to go away with (20.00). I also need to replace the door sweep ad handle on my screen door so that should be about 50.00. I'm going to look into putting in a new thermostat for about 40.00. EEEK, just about 200.00..... The joys of home onwership.


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