I got my old PT job back!

Thursday was a very good day. I had to go to the bank yesterday, and ran into my old manager while there. We were taking and she admitted that she was having a hard time finding good staff. I told her that i would come back and work Tuesdays @ supper for a few hours and Saturday's from 5 to close if she wanted. She was so excited and was so the deal was struck. I'll start after thanksgiving and work 10=12 hrs/week. I'll meet my target of 125/week! I ended up giving my DD close to $200.00 yesterday as she is going away for a sports tournament this week-end.
Here's her breakdown of expenses :
70.00 sports fee
45.00 hotel
30.00 gas/ bridge fee
55.00 meals
Last year the I spent 100.00 for the same tournament !
I still have cakes to make for her B-day and on Sunday she is going to see the stage play of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and eating @ the Snooty Fox for supper! More money! It'll be a very busy household, as I have an appointment to see the puppies Saturday morning! Sign another expense, but where I'm not having any more children and don't want to be a crutsy cat lady, a dog is a good thing.


Canadian Saver said…
Congrats on the pt job!! Hope it fits well into your schedule :-)

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