Heroes starts tonight

Its back , heroes starts tonight and I'm excited! I just spent 13.22 @ the grocery store, i spend 4.00 on water for the month @ work, 5.00 for a school lunch. Yesterday I spent 6.80 @ the drug store. I'll figure out supper for the rest of the week tonight. There is only 3 nights i really have to plan for as my DD will be away for 3 of them. it'll pasta or rice as i have no potatoes left and I'm not going back to the store until Saturday. I hop eto find side bars soon to add to my blog so i can track how things are either going up or down!


Canadian Saver said…
I never got into that show, but I know a lot of people who really are into it. Enjoy!
I ended up falling asleep @ 9:30 on the couch! So I missed most of it.

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