Goals for September

My Goals for September are:

1.) Find a part time job. To do this I need to update my resume, and apply. I need to make 125/week minimum.
2.) Have 15 no spend days. To do this I'll need to plan my spending. I know that on Saturday its market day, and I get paid on Thursday. I'll plan the days on Saturdays, same as when I meal plan.
3.)To have my property surveyed. I'll call on the 2nd and make the appointment.
4.) To figure out today exactly where my money is going and stick to the budget. I'll going to use the jars faithfully....
5.) I need to find a single bed, bedding and a dresser for the spare room. My daughters friend will be staying with us for 5 or 6 weeks and we may be taking in an exchange student for a couple of weeks. My budget for this will be 250.00 max.

I'll post my menu later on today. It should be interesting.


Canadian Saver said…
Good luck with these! Please post your progress on the part time job hunt...

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