gearing up for Christmas

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Christmas this past week and have set my budget for this year. My only child is going to Europe next summer and we've asked family and friends that instead of buying her gifts, that if they would like to help pay for the trip that would be ever so nice. So here is my break down for this year:
1.) Darling teen $100.00 this would be PJ's, a book, perfume ( free with shoppers points), and her stocking.
2.) 5 nephews $100.00 This will be for books, etc.
3.) 2 other children including my god daughter $40.00 books again.
4.) another $100.00 for the tree ($30.00), truffles from COSTCO($40.00) and coffee from Costco($30.00).
5.) another $100.00 for food and drinks.
6.) $10.00 tape and stamps ( have lots of wrapping paper and gift bags).
grand total $450.00
I'll keep you posted on what I spend per category.

Technically Tuesday was a no spend day as I spent my DD's money buying bobby pins ( does this still count?)


Canadian Saver said…
Good for you for planning so early!!

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