I made 2 tarts for my DD's birthday on Saturday. She was away for her actual B-day, but requested a chocolate raspberry tart instead of cake this year! I knew that 1 would not be enough to go around,so I made 2; one raspberry, the second was pear! i spent 10.49 on the chocolate for the 2, 2.69 for whipping cream, 1.00 for 3 pears, 4.99 for the frozen raspberries ( with enough left over to use for at least another 3 batches of muffins),and 1.99 for the red currant jelly. I also spent 6.12 on ground almonds and 1.10 on graham wafer crumbs, but did not end up using them b/c I had enough left over from the last time i made this. I figured I spent 10.00 per tart, which is comparable to buying a cake in the store. Plus i have enough of the stuff to make the base for X-mas dessert so I should not spend any more than 15.00 on Dessert for X-mas day!
The pear one was the best this time, slightly sweeter that the raspberries, a better crunch and smothered in chocolate!


Canadian Saver said…
Those tarts sound very very good! Great combos too, pear & chocolate woulda been my favorites too!

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