2 no spend days

Yes I did it. I had 2 no spend days this week and its not Sunday yet! I've been up for about an hour so far and think that I'll get a bit of laundry done, clean the bathroom, strip beds and finish the kitchen. I might even make muffins for the girl to take for her team today, but I haven't quite decided that one yet. Before meal plan this week I've decided to go grocery shopping in my pantry, which means I'll have to clear all the clutter out of it! I do know that I don't need to buy pasta, rice flour and sugar for a while as I have enough to last for at least til Christmas. I was reading Gail Vaz- Oxlades blog yesterday and liked the post where the girl said she meal planned for the month, then she could buy what she need when it was on sale. It made me realize that when I meal plan, I'm always thinking of what else would be good to have, so I think I'll plan for 2 weeks and see how i make out. I have been trying to have @ least 1 non-meat meal a week and don't find it that difficult so far.


Canadian Saver said…
Congrats on the no spend days!

Meal planning really saves money... I try to make 6 meals with things I have at home in the pantry/freezer and then just need to buy stuff for one meal... unless I want variety!

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