spending today

Today was a designated spending day. I paid 101.00 at the dentist but will get 80.00 back. I spent 1.00 for fudge at a fair that tasted like flour and soap, yuck. Then bought homemade potato wegdes (they were to die for for 3.50. I also had to put money back into my savings account as I had given my teenager my bank card, and she used the e-saving account which charges 5/withdrawn by debit. SO the 4.11 she spent at second cup actually cost 9.11 ( just like the new commercial for kinder bar that talks about the 9.00 coffee, well she had one. SHe's paying me back for the goof, put at 5 o'clock this morning when I checked my banking on line, I was so unimpressed>>> I kept it together . I have I more day before vacation my vacation starts, and I'm so looking forward to going away to PEI for a couple of days. I'll spend some money that I probably can't afford but after spending 2 summers doing nothing but working I need a couple of nights away. My goals for next week are to spend frugally while I'm away (I'll bring groceries from home and we have rented a cottage away from everything. I'll take bottled water with me and pack the cooler. I usually cook a big breakfast 1 day, but not this year. I'll make pancakes and fried potatoes for breakfast/lunch the one full day we're there. The menu plan for vacation is looking something like this, potatoes, fresh veggies and pork or chicken , pancakes with blueberries, soup, crackers, cheese for lunch, supper potatoes, corn, beef. I'll bring snack foods like yogurt apples, granola, and chips. I've saved my glass bottles from the last trip to PEI so they'll be coming too and I'll bring back a case of diet Pepsi (I'll hide it away from the vultures), plus no one make lime ricky like Seaman's so I'll bring back a 6 pack of Seaman's and keep it for Christmas eve ( I usually have my extended family over that night, Its pot luck so there is always a ton of food. O Saturday morning I'll buy carrots, beans and pork @ the market for about 10.00, I'll need milk, chips, water and another type of fruit for about 20.00. I've saved all my CT money from the past year and will fill the car with that. I'm splitting the cost of the cottage by 2 so I figure it'll cost me no more that 400.00 9 at the most). I'll let you know how I make out. Toodles


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