spending money

I'm getting ready for my trip to PEI tomorrow, so I was up early and took out a 100.00 for buy groceries, gas etc. I spend @ the market this morning 6.00 on pork chops, 3.00 for a bunch of carrots, 6.00 for tomatoes and purple beans ( I'm going to make a tomato, onion and feta salad later on today), 5.00 on samosa's curry rolls, and 2.50 on a piece of quiche (it was very tasty) I forgot I bought blueberries too for 2.50(I'll make muffins and pancakes). S grand total of 25.00 @ the market. I was going to use my CT money for gas, but when I went into pay, I was told that I couldn't use the money for gas but i could trade it in at the store for a gift card. So I spent 50.86 on gas. I then went to an international chain and bought milk, OJ, salsa, chips, granola bars, a stainless steel H2O bottle for my teenager, & 24 bottles of water for a total of 45.00 ( I used my debit of this). I still need a bit of fruit for the trip, so i'll get that later on. (lemons, oranges and maybe grapes if their not too expensive).


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