Monday Morning

I can't believe the weekend is over ad I'm back to work, to what I'm expecting to be a very busy week. Sunday was my first official no spend day. (I'm tracking my days now). We went to my cousins house for supper, I brought spinach salad and a chocolate raspberry tart(you can find the recipe on Thames River Melon farms web site). I made the mistake of cleaning the raspberries on Saturday, and some of them were moldy, so I improvised and used blueberries too. I spent about 8.00 at the bulk barn on Saturday and 37.00 at Sobey's ( I did buy 02 Onidea chef's knives for about 18.00 including tax, so I figured I did ok buying groceries. I also spent 7.80 on a roasting chicken, 5.00 on new potatoes and onions, 3.00 for raspberries and 2.00 for 2 samosas. I roasted the chicken with rosemary, new onions and carrots for supper on Saturday, plus new potatoes and yellow beans. I went to 2 yard sales and found a Mr. Coffee Maker for 3.00 ( and it works great), plus a vacuum sealer kit for 5.00. Both items have been on my wish list for a while, and to find them both for 8.00 was excellent. So I spent about 70.00 on Saturday. This week my goal is to have 3 no spend days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). I'll let you know how I do.


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