Hump day

It's Wednesday morning , otherwise know as hump day. I'll have another busy day at work, but an proud to say yesterday was a no spend day, as is today. I must admit yesterday, my teenager went out of town on short notice, so when I was coming home from work I so wanted takeout, as I hate cooking for just me. But I resisted temptation and cooked fresh green beans from my neighbors garden, and made a hash with leftover potatoes, onions and steak (from the week-end). It was very tasty and my wallet was happy. I was not so happy when I opened mail from the company that delivers my furnace oil. I expected a jump this year as I paid about 2700 for oil this past winter ( it was cold) but i did not expect this quote... 3700 for the upcoming winter (370/month for 10 months). Whats a girl to do? Its a jump of 150/month.... I'm going to see what I can find for alternatives for heating and call other companies to see what they can offer me. I hate to pull away from local companies, but the cost is scary. I'll definitely be out looking for a second job next week while I'm on vacation, but I'll have to work about another 20 hours a week to pay for the oil. Agh, just like I was starting to get ahead.


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