Changing my ways

Trying to get my finances is order has definably been a struggle and still is. How did I get myself into this mess? Looking back on my spending habits, I got into trouble with my first credit card, while I was in University. I used my card based on what I thought I'd earn, not based on my income. It ended up in collections and I was very ashamed of what I'd done. ( and not having enough sense to speak with a finanical planner)
After graduation , I moved back to my home town and started working a full time job with the gov't shortly afterwards. I bought a good used car, and began paying back my student loan without any real thoughts of planning for the future. 11 years later, I'm still driving the same car ( yes I keep up with the maintenance) and bought a home 4 years ago without having paid off my student loan ( big mistake for a single parent).
It has been a struggle owning a home(I've never missed a mortgage payment "yahoo"), but i did go out and get a second job after the first two years of home ownership as my finances were too tight. I own about $20, 000 less than I did 2 years ago, but I still fall off the wagon and give into the I want, I need to have it right now attitude.
I current owe 10, 900 to student loan, 1,600 on a line of credit, 7,500 on another line of credit, 7,000 to visa and my mortgage is about 54,000. My goal for this year is to have my student loan under $8,000, to have paid my visa down to about $5,000. My goal for next year is to have my student loan paid off in full by Nov 1, 2009. (that will free up 6,500/year). My mortgage is up for renewal next year and I plan on having work done to the house so my payments will defiantly increase.
I make regular contributions to an RRSP, and pay about $100/pay into my pension plan at work.(We have to contribute which is a good thing). My only child will graduate in 2010 and I want to have money set aside to take a trip after graduation.


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